New Richmond | “Gator”

Gator, born in 2012, is a Belgian Malinois from the Czech Republic. He was trained in Cleveland, Ohio and began working with Officer Craig Heintzelman with the New Richmond Police Department in late 2013. The duo recently finished their first full year on the road with more than 60 drug arrest, 5 tracks, and 1 evidence recovery search resulting in a felony assault arrest. The New Richmond Police Department K9 Unit recently became full time between the Villages of New Richmond and the Village of Amelia, with Gator being sworn in with the Village of Amelia.

k9h_nr-gator_01 k9h_nr-gator_02 k9h_nr-gator_03

The Matt Haverkamp Foundation made a contribution toward the training of Gator, which helped alleviate costs in other areas for the department. New Richmond was able to replace Gator’s old cruiser and donate the old cage to the Village of Batavia to start their own K9 program.

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“Without the support of my wife, Nikki, I would never been able to get the K9 program off the ground,” shared Officer Heintzelman. “Nikki gave me the courage to contact your outstanding Foundation. She gave me the stepping stone on which to build the K9 program. Without family, you have nothing, and I am proud to be part of The Matt Haverkamp Foundation family.”