Loveland | “Azar”

Azar is a 10 year old German Shepherd and was the second dog purchased by The Matt Haverkamp Foundation. Azar began his career with the Loveland Police Department K9 Unit and his partner, Sergeant Jose Alejandro, on April of 2007. Azar was imported from Poland and his initial training took place in Eaton Rapids, Michigan at Mid-Michigan Kennels. The training consisted of 6 intense weeks of drug detection and patrol work.

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Azar has had a very prestigious career and a total of 12 apprehensions. The highlight of his career in this field was when Sergeant Corbett initiated a pursuit with a stolen car and the 3 occupants fled. Sergeant Corbett apprehended 1 and the other 2 escaped into a thick wooded area. Azar tracked for about a mile and half through the thick woods, crossing ravines and creeks. When Azar came up on the suspects, they took off running again, discarding a handgun into the bushes as they fled. Azar chased 1 behind a house and up the deck where the subject was apprehended and taken into custody. Once the first subject was secured, a second track had to be established because the suspects split up when they fled the second time. Azar tracked for another mile locating the final subject walking along the creek using the water to try and throw the dog off his scent. Azar made the apprehension and subject was taken into custody.

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Azar has had more than 100 drug searches in vehicles, schools, and residences. His highlight in this field was when he alerted officers to a safe in a house that was being searched as part of drug trafficking investigation. His alert led to the seizure of $12,500 in U.S. currency believed to be profits of illegal drug sales.

Throughout the years, Azar and Sergeant Alejandro have participated in more than 20 public demonstrations for schools, special groups, and community organizations around the region. Azar has also participated in several USPCA Region 5 trials and even qualified twice to attend USPCA National Trials. At the Region 5 trials, Azar placed 5th in obedience in 2007. In 2010, he placed 2nd in agility and 6th overall and the duo also to 2nd place for the 3 man teams. At the 2011 detector trials Azar place 13th.

Azar retired on April 28, 2015 after 8 years of service to the City of Loveland and the surrounding communities.