Delhi Township | “Luger”

In 2009, the Delhi Township Police Department received a generous donation from The Matt Haverkamp Foundation. The donation was to purchase a K9, Luger, which provided the department with a resource they have never had: a dual purpose German Shepherd. After the completion of  his training, Luger hit the streets in early 2010. His handler, Bill Roberts, and Luger were an instant hit in the community. Luger, being the first cross-trained K9 in Delhi history, was able to not only used to search out drugs, but was used for suspect and article searches as well as suspect apprehension. Luger and Officer Roberts provided a sense of security to all Delhi residents. Both were very active in many public demonstrations for children and adults alike.

k9h_dt-luger_01 k9h_dt-luger_02 k9h_dt-luger_03

On March 3, 2014, Officer Roberts and Luger retired together. “Had it not been for the generosity of The Matt Haverkamp Foundation, the purchase and training of Luger would not have been possible,” shared Delhi Township Chief Jim Howarth.

Although Luger is retired, the acquisition took Delhi into a new era in terms of having effective police tools and resources for the department. The Delhi Township Police Department continues to use this vital resource since the purchase and training of their second dual-purpose K9, Levi. Levi and his handler, Officer Jeff Miller, recently hit the streets in early 2015. Although The Matt Haverkamp Foundation would have supported the purchase of Levi, but the Delhi Township Police Department had sufficient funds to purchase and train him on their own. This gave the Foundation the opportunity to assist another police department in need.

“We truly appreciate what The Matt Haverkamp Foundation as done for Deli and other Tri-State communities. Their support for local agencies and respective K9 units is overwhelming and much appreciated,” added Chief Howarth.