Clermont County | “Mox”

Mox was born in 2009 and is German Shepherd with the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office. He is originally from Holland and trained with the Southern Ohio Police K9 Group. Mox was certified on February 28, 2011 and is a dual purpose narcotics and patrol dog. Mox is one of four K9s with Clermont County and frequently assists Brown County when needed.

Mox’s handler, Deputy Adam Bailey, began his career in law enforcement in 1998 and has been a K9 handler since 2003. When his first K9 had to retire early due to health issues, The Matt Haverkamp Foundation stepped in to replace his K9 with a donation in January of 2011.

k9h_cc-mox_01 k9h_cc-mox_02 k9h_cc-mox_03

Mox visits schools on a regular basis, performing a variety of demonstrations and narcotics searches. The duo is consistently on the agenda for the Clermont County Junior Police Academy, which is a summer camp for boys and girls ages 13 to 17 that provides a unique police perspective for youth. They are also regulars at the University of Cincinnati Police Academies to discuss and demonstrate what is expected of a police K9 unit. Additionally, Mox and Deputy Bailey visit Cub Scout and Girl Scout troops throughout Clermont County and surrounding areas.

In addition to his public appearances, Mox has had many successes throughout his career. As of March 1, 2015, Mox has conducted 57 tracks resulting in 27 criminal apprehensions, 616 narcotics searches which has resulted in 429 drug charges, responded to 159 requests from outside agencies, and a total of 3,173 K9 applications. Mox and Deputy Bailey have tracked a variety of individuals ranging from homicide suspects to missing juveniles lost in the woods.

Amongst Mox and Deputy Bailey’s many notable accomplishments, they are currently fighting in the war against heroin. “Every time we are able to take heroin off the streets, I view that as a success. I view that as potentially saving a person’s life,” shared Deputy Bailey.