Cincinnati | “Tank”

Tank is a German Shepherd that was born in 2009. He was born in Holland and trained at Shallow Creek Kennels. With a donation from The Matt Haverkamp Foundation, Tank began working with the Cincinnati Police Department and his handler, Officer Tony Bischoff, in March of 2010.

As a patrol K9, Tank is trained in tracking, building searches, area searches, article search, obedience, apprehension, and handler protection. He is responsible for locating many suspects and pieces of evidence that would never have been found if it wasn’t for his talents. His presence alone has encouraged the surrender of dangerous criminals and kept other police officers from putting themselves in harm’s way.

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The duo’s most recent find was a suspect who had just committed a home invasion robbery and stabbing and then fled on foot when an officer arrived on scene. Tank was able to track the suspect in an urban environment and apprehend him as he attempted to hide in a wooded area behind an abandoned house.

Officer Tony Bischoff has been with the Cincinnati Police Department since 2004. “Tank never ceases to amaze me,” stated Officer Bischoff. “He’s my partner and my best friend!”

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