Cincinnati | “Ike”

Ike was born in January 4, 2007 in the Czech Republic. He is a German Shepherd and has been serving with the Cincinnati Police Department since July of 2008. Ike began working with Officer Ken Kober in the spring of 2008 before hitting the streets a few months later. Officer Kober has been with the Cincinnati Police Department since 2000.

“The Matt Haverkamp Foundation is a great organization,” shared Officer Kober. “The impact it’s had by providing K9s for the Cincinnati area has been tremendous for the communities we serve.”

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Officer Kober’s most memorable apprehension occurred in the winter of 2010. Ike and Officer Kober responded to a call that a suspect had shot a person and stolen a vehicle. District 4 officers located the stolen vehicle and suspect. The suspect then tried to flee in the vehicle, but was pursued by officers. The suspect crashed his vehicle at the intersection of Reading Road and Hickman Street and then fled on foot. Ike and Officer Kober began tracking the suspect from the scene of the crash. They tracked them through backyards and out to a field where Ike attempted to get into the back of a dump truck. Officer Kober assessed that the suspect was not in the dump truck; however, the duo did locate the firearm that was used in the shooting in the bed of the dump truck. Ike and Officer Kober continued tracking the suspect, and eventually Ike located them hiding under the deck of a house.

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